About Andrew

Andrew (OB) and his wife Sue are the creators of Partnerunning, a unique and user friendly approach to exercising with a partner and developing healthy relationships. The key elements of Partnerunning provide a roadmap not only to personal fitness and but also to success in all aspects of life. Andrew is the co-author of the popular books “Couple on the Run” and “Lessons from Running Relationships” and is currently working on “Partnerunning: How to go further together” as well as writing the ‘Couple on the Run” and “Partnerunning” blogs.

Andrew is the Publisher or The Partnerunner Magazine and Co-host of The Partnerunning Show. Andrew is also an ambassador for lululemon athletica where he leads weekly run groups, provides run and fitness seminars and coaches a number of run programs each year.

Andrew  (OB) took up running in his 30’s in order to improve his health and fitness after living an unhealthy lifestyle during his 20’s. It was during this effort to regain his health that Andrew met Sue and before too long decided to run a marathon as a goal for recovering from illness. In 2004 Andrew was the Customer Service Institute of Australia’s Victorian CEO of the year and has worked in industries including retail, food service, sport and fitness, facility management and higher education.

Andrew is the co-founder of Partnerships That Matter and principal of Andrew O’Brien International. Andrew is a sought after corporate facilitator, executive mentor and thought leader working with individuals and organisations to help them achieve their desired future. Relationship management is a major area of Andrew’s work.  Andrew is the author of the “Desired Futures”  series of books for Individuals, Couples and Organisations which are based on his doctoral research on “Strategies for the evolution of shared vision” and his masters degrees are in management, business administration and financial planning.

Most weeks Andrew runs 4 or 5 times a week with a long run on Sunday. As someone who came to running in his 30’s Andrew started out as a fitness runner which involves the following:

  • Running for fitness;
  • Enjoying running without time or event focus;
  • Seeing running as complimentary to other fitness activities;
  • Using running as highly efficient running fitness activity;
  • Running for many years but rarely enters an event;
  • Likely to ignore injury; and,
  • Loves being fit.

Now days with more than 80 marathons, 2 Comrades and 2 Oxfam Trailwalkers under his belt Andrew in Partnerunning terms Andrew can be described as a supporter which involves being

  • Very capable individually but committed to partnership success;
  • Happy to play different roles;
  • Can lead or follow depending on requirements;
  • Helps partner on slow and difficult days; and,
  • Prepared to sacrifice for others and their achievement.

Of the eight types of running relationships we have identified for partner running like Sue, Andrew regularly participates in two different types of running relationships.

  • Partner: Running with Sue where the partners share goals and commit to each other’s success; and,
  • Mentor: As a luluelmon athletica ambassador Andrew, regularly leads complimentary run groups to encourage and educate both new and experienced runners.

Andrew remembers fondly his first marathon in Los Angeles which involved another type of partner running relationship – The one night stand. Wearing a university singlet an Australian woman and alumni who had moved to the US started chatting to Andrew at the six mile mark and they ran together encouraging each other until mile 23. They never knew each other names and have never met again.

Andrew is our Chief Education Officer (CEO) guiding our research and development activities. At the heart of our approach to learning is the development of a key set of user friendly principles we use to achieve our desired performance in running, family and our professional lives.