About Sue

Sue O’Brien and her husband Andrew are the creators of Partnerunning, a unique and user friendly approach to exercising with a partner and developing healthy relationships. The key elements of Partnerunning provide a roadmap not only to personal fitness and but also to success in all aspects of life. Sue is the co-author of the popular books “Couple on the Run” and “Lessons from Running Relationships” and is currently working on “Partnerunning: How to go further together”, researching projects on women’s health and teenage fitness as well as writing  the ‘Couple on the Run” and “Partnerunning” blogs.

Sue is the Publisher or The Partnerunner Magazine and Co-host of The Partnerunning Show. Sue is also an ambassador for lululemon athletica where she leads weekly run groups, provides run and fitness seminars and coaches a number of run programs each year.

Sue and Andrew became known as the “Couple on the Run” in 2008 when they ran eight marathons in eight countries in eight weeks promoting Partnerunning, healthy relationships and Oxfam Australia. After starting with the gruelling 87km Comrades Marathon in South Africa Sue and Andrew went on to run the 42.2km marathon each weekend for the next seven weeks as they travelled to Mauritius, Rio DeJanerio (brazil), Calgary (Canada), Missoula (Montana), Pattaya (Thailand), Davos (Switzerland) and Townsville (Australia).

Sue is the CFO (Chief Fitness Officer) for Partnerunning and is now a sought after speaker and workshop presenter. Sue is recognised as a leading fitness expert who is a living example of what is possible when you put your expertise in to practice. Sue loves her profession and has worked in the Fitness industry for more than 25 years regularly teaching 15 to 20 indoor cycle, aerobics and body balance classes each week while working with individual clients and developing Partnerunning.

Sue is a mother of two who many years ago started running with her father former Essendon great Jack Clarke and brother Ian. Before taking up marathon running Sue was a regular winner of state and national age group triathlons and twice represented Australia at the world triathlon championships. Sue has a Bachelor of Education and is a regular contributor to her own learning as well as to the learning of others.

Most weeks Sue runs 3 or 4 times a week with a long run on Sunday. In her triathlon days Sue was a pretty handy 10km runner showing all the characteristics of a highly competitive runner. Now days Sue can be classified as a veteran runner with almost 70 marathons, 2 Comrades and 2 Oxfam Trailwalkers amongst her running achievements. In running relationship terms Sue is best described as a coach as she displays the following characteristics:

  • A collaborative leadership approach;
  • Guides the partnership and bring out the best in their partner;
  • Encourages learning and increased self-understanding;
  • Focuses on improvement and long term objectives;
  • Calm and easy to get on with;
  • Nurturing and sees success in terms of the growth and development of others both as runners and in broader terms.

Of the eight types of running relationships we have identified for Partnerunning Sue regularly participates in three different types of running relationships.

  1. Partner: Running with Andrew where the partners share goals and commit to each other’s success; and,
  2. Mentor: As a lululemon athletica ambassador Sue regularly leads complimentary run groups to encourage and educate both new and experienced runners.

As the Chief Fitness Officer (CFO) for Partnerunning and Partnerships That Matter Sue is responsible for the development of running and fitness programs, oversees fitness instruction and is the author or co-author of an increasing number of books, eBooks and other materials.

Sue can be contacted via Partnerunning Social Media, the various contact options on the Partnerunning website of by completing the contact us form.