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Guest Post Guidelines

The Partnerunning Blog was launched in January 2013 to compliment the growing range of online Partnerunning activities including The Partnerunner Magazine, The Partnerunning Show, Partnerunning Academy, Partnerunning Community and an active Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest and LinkedIn presence.

Partnerunning is committed to the principle of going further together. Consistent with this is guest posting, a great way for you to reach new readers, earn genuine connections to your site, and get your point of view across to new readers. If you have something you’d like to write about on The Partnerunning Blog please follow these guidelines:

  • The better the article content, the more attention you will receive.
  • The length of the article needs to be between 500-1000 words.
  • Put your best foot forward (or feet if you are partner bloggers). Your article needs to be the best of your best.
  • Your article should be 100% original, and not be posted anywhere else on the web.
  • This is an opportunity to generate attention for your website.
  • Subjects should be Partnerunning, running, run travel, race review, running for charity, fitness, diet, relationship, health, or exercise related.
  • Partnerunning stories are especially encouraged.
  • Articles should not be advertisements. We are inviting you to share your story and display your expertise. We want you to grow your audience by helping our readers reach their goals. Where your message is relevant to individual readers they will follow your links.
  • Topics must align with the Partnerunning Manifesto including The Partnerunning Philosophy and Desired Future. Submissions that don’t align will not be published and we will invite you to resubmit or publish elsewhere.
  • You will be allowed 2 relevant links in the article body, and 2 in your author box plus social media contacts..
  • These links may link back to your website, or other work of your own from elsewhere on the web.
  • We will have exclusive rights to publish your article on our site for 12 months after which time you may publish it elsewhere.
  • In addition to publishing your article on the Partnerunning Blog we will also consider mentioning it on The Partnerunning Show and in some cases will invite you to be interviewed on the show.
  • If need be, we will make minor edits to your work.
  • Please include a bio and picture (get it from Gravatar) for your author box at the end of your post.
  • Your author box should have at most 50 words. The links you post here must be related to health and fitness.

If this sounds suitable to you, please submit your article to here for consideration. Please understand that not all articles will be approved for posting, so be sure to write your best work!

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