Why Partnerunning

Running or exercising with a partner is a great way to enhance your health and fitness with training partners coming in all sorts of shapes, sizes, abilities and goals. Furthermore it is rapidly growing in popularity with friends, teams and couples running events every weekend all over the world.

Over the years we have had numerous comments from people about how lucky we are we run together. These comments are usually followed by “my husband/wife/partner/friend would never run with me” and a range of excuses such as they are too fast, too slow, not interested and the list goes on.Our First Honolulu (2000)

Our experience was that many people expressed a real desire to train with a partner but were unaware as to how to overcome the obstacles. We started researching running couples and discovered very little information. Other than the occasional article on a story most books and journals rarely discuss partner running and at best devote a page or two for the discussion of how to run with a partner.

Even when partner running drills where outlined there was no mention of the human dynamics, the benefits and all the strategies that can be adopted to promote partner running.

The more people we spoke to the more it occurred to us that many people ran with a partner, many more would like to and there was a lack of information on this topic.  Subsequently we have been working on a partner running book supported by the partner running website aimed at helping people with all aspects of partner running.

The further we have advance our research the more convinced we are that a set of key principles and approaches can be used successfully across all areas of our lives. On this basis the partner running approach is informed by and informs our approach to relationships in business, the community, family and fitness activities such as running.

Finally health and fitness is a key enabler of everything else we seek to achieve in our lives and the partner running approach is designed to enable us to achieve whatever we seek in all aspects of our lives.