Are you looking to promote your blog?

How about generating some additional income?

Maybe a few new ideas for content or writing that first book?

Running, fitness is and partnership is what we love and focus on. Along the way we have discovered what it takes to blog and how to develop your brand, intellectual property and income.

We welcome the opportunity to work with bloggers and look for ways to make this work for both of us. Some options include:

  • Interviewing you on the Partnerunning Show Podcast;
  • Publishing one of your articles in The Partnerunning Magazine;
  • Guest posting on;
  • Publishing one of your articles in the Partnerunning Academy and Community;
  • Promoting and selling your products;
  • Writing reviews on our products and services;
  • Acting as an affiliate for The Partnerunning Academy and Community;
  • Hosting webinars and hangouts for your audience;

Do any of these ideas appeal? How about some other options? We would love to hear from you. Please contact us and let’s see what is possible. You can also check out our Guest Blogger Page.

In addition Dr O’Brien is an experienced mentor and can assist you with our approach to developing intellectual property and improving your business performance. If this interest you please get in touch.

In summary we aim to create value for Bloggers by:

  1. Developing your Brand, market reputation, authority and position.
  2. Increasing Awareness of what you do;
  3. Helping with content to Enhance your Reader Experience and connection;
  4. Boosting Sales to increase your revenue and sustainability; and,
  5. Improving your Business Performance and results.

You can also send us quick questions and make contact via our social media contacts.