Conference Organizers

Are you looking for a partnership, teamwork or inspirational strategy speaker?

How about a package of activities from keynote to workshop and fitness activities?

Our unique experiences combine to offer conference organizers a versatile and affordable range of programs.

Sue is a yoga, group fitness and run instructor with extensive fitness industry experience.

Andrew is a 20 year CEO with several masters degrees  and a doctorate in business.

Together as Couple on the Run and Founders of Partnerunning we are authors, publishers and community builders.

Our individual and collective topics include:

  • Go Further Together
  • The Power of Partnership
  • Creating Desired Future
  • From Concept to Cash
  • Social Media and Community Building

We provide a mix of keynote, workshop and activities to meet you requirements at conferences, retreats and events.

As an example for your next conference we could:

  • Keynote on The Power of Partnership
  • Facilitate a conversation on vision and strategy
  • Deliver a workshop on creating individual or team desired futures
  • Host an executive dialogue with Andrew
  • Sue to provide afternoon and morning yoga
  • Sue and Andrew to lead a group run

For conference and event organizers we create value through a combination of:

  1. Promotion: Reaching and attracting potential delegates;
  2. Participation: Encouraging sign up and engagement;
  3. Experience: Delivering a great event;
  4. Organization: Providing hassle free administration and operation;
  5. Reputation: Spreading the word and repeat business.

You can also send us quick questions and make contact via our social media contacts.