Partnerunning @Sanctuary Yoga

Why not join us for a run followed by a runner friendly yoga class?

Partnerunning @Sanctuary Yoga is the home of the Partnerunning Run Group lead by Sue and Andrew several times each week.

You can run with us @Sancturary Yoga every week of the year, during a specific training program (6 to 16 weeks) or on the casual or occasional basis.

Adding run group to your Partnerunning Academy or Community Training Program is a great way to boost your motivation and overall training.

Located in the Beaumaris Concourse in Bayside  Melbourne, Australia the Sanctuary is an ideal location for runners with a mix of trail, road and parks to provide variety.

Services provided at Sanctuary include:

  • Run group
  • Run Training Programs
  • Run Coaching
  • Desired futures and goal setting mentoring
  • Run into yoga
  • Yoga
  • Piliates

Partnerunning Community and Academy members receive special pricing for Partnerunning @Sanctuary run activities.

Please note the run group and training at Sanctuary is provided all year round. Sue and Andrew design the programs and training as well as leading the group when in Melbourne. When Sue and Andrew are travelling to events other members of the Partnerunning Team lead the group.