Personal Trainers

Are you looking to improve the financial performance of your business?

Would you like to offer your clients world class run training?

Making full use of our partnership skills we offer a unique service to assist personal trainers build their businesses. We work on the basis that personal trainers and running clients go further together with Partnerunning run programs.

Our offer is simple:

  1. We train and support you in the run program for your work as a personal trainer;
  2. You train and support your clients;
  3. We provide you and your client with access to more than 50 run programs;
  4. You and you clients have full access to the resources of the Partnerunning Academy.

Further more you can work with Dr O’Brien for business mentoring, marketing and development of your intellectual property. Contact us to discuss the opportunities available to you.

The Partnerunning Training Academy has been developed to enhance the success of our partners. As a personal trainer partnering with us you can expect:

  1. Increased Awareness and Leads to attract your desired clients;
  2. More Sales to increase your revenue and sustainability;
  3. An Enhanced Customer Experience with another training option and support;
  4. Improved Business Performance with repeat business and improved results;
  5. Brand Development for your market reputation, authority and position.

You can also send us quick questions and make contact via our social media contacts.