Race Directors

Are you looking to improve your run experience for your race?

Are you looking for an edge or something extra?

Whether you are a small race or one of the majors we have a Partnerunning and Couple on the Run service to enhance your event.

Some of our services include:

  • Event promotion via The Partnerunning Show, Partnerunner Magazine and Social Networks;
  • Ambassador and media appearances by Couple on the Run;
  • Training and Education via online training programs, seminars, run groups and webinars;
  • Expo activities including seminars, workshop and The Partnerunning Show Live;
  • Review and learning using our After Action Review process and event assessment reports.

To discuss you event contact us now.

In summary Partnerunning solutions for race directors provide;

  1. Increased Awareness and Leads to attract your desired audience;
  2. More Sales to increase revenue and sustainability;
  3. An Enhanced Customer Experience though service and participation;
  4. Better Business Performance – Improving operations and results;
  5. Brand Development for your market reputation and position.

You can also send us quick questions and make contact via our social media contacts.