Running Suppliers

Do you provide goods and services to the running and fitness industry?

Shoes, clothes, watches, energy products, accessories, nutrition, massage and more?

We are keen to connect you with our audience and give them the opportunity to benefit from your goods and services.

There are a number of ways we connect run suppliers with our audience:

  • Partnerunning Show Interviews;
  • Partnerunner Magazine stories and reviews;
  • Partnerunning Group Blog posts;
  • Live webinars to explain and promote your activities;
  • As a sponsor of one or all of the Partnerunning Media activities;
  • Partnerunning Show Live at your event;
  • Partnerunning Group website advertising;
  • Promotions and specials for the Partnerunning Community and Academy;
  • Social Media campaigns.

We also provide Couple on the Run presentations and development workshops. In select cases we are prepared to act as ambassadors for your brand.  Examples of this in action include lululemon athletica and Australian Outback Marathon.

With a focus on partnering we welcome the opportunity to look at joint ventures and tailor a package of services to meet your needs. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

We provide value to the run and fitness industry by enabling you to:

  1. Increase Awareness and Leads to attract your desired clients;
  2. Boost Sales to increase your revenue and sustainability;
  3. Enhance your Customer Experience and connection;
  4. Improve Business Performance with repeat business and improved results;
  5. Develop your Brand, market reputation, authority and position.

You can also send us quick questions and make contact via our social media contacts.