Corporate Programs

Are you looking to improve the performance of your organisation?

Why not provide a training program for your team to succeed in a major running event and improve business performance at the same time.

By combining run programs with team and personal development activities you can enhance team member fitness while at the same time developing team and implementation skills.

Partnerunning programs help both private and public corporations with:

  • Corporate fitness programs;
  • Event preparation;
  • Online run training;
  • Improved business outcomes; and,
  • Conference, seminar and event presentations.

For further information and to discuss your requirements contact us now.

Our corporate programs create value for you by:

  1. Enhancing your Brand as a fit, dynamic partner and work place;
  2. Increasing Productivity through fitter, healthier individuals working as a better team;
  3. Developing Relationships amongst team members and with customers and suppliers;
  4. Enhancing team member Engagement with tailored programs and individual results;
  5. Delivering Value for Money by combining fitness and corporate development in a single program.