Go Further Together with Partnerunning

At the heart of Partnerunning is working together to achieve more than we can alone.

When  people with shared goals combine their individual strengths then remarkable results can be achieved.

Contact Us Now if you would like to explore partnering with Partnerunning and Couple on the Run

Some areas where we partner are:

  • Helping Race Directors with promotion, training programs, seminars, expo activities and The Partnerunning Show Live;
  • Promoting and hosting events and tours for travel companies;
  • Providing training programs and on-line education for personal trainers and run coaches;
  • Providing training programs, seminars, presentations and in king donations to charity organisations;
  • Promoting run related products and services via reviews and competitions;
  • Working with corporations and organisations to deliver fitness and development programs;
  • Delivering presentations, seminars and fitness programs at conferences and events;
  • Interviewing and promoting runners and bloggers via The Partnerunning Show, Partnerunner Mag and Partnerunning Blog.